Friday, March 4, 2016

Seed Starting!

Basically everything has happened in February. I don't even know where to begin with the updates. So we will take it slow. Seed starting is nice and easy. So that's what I did. We started tomatoes, cabbage, and peppers. Have you started your seeds yet? You know, the ones that are supposed to be started inside and not direct sown.

 There were a few more trays of starts than this but you get the idea.

Then I was rewarded with cabbage starts coming up. Next I need to get out there and dig my garden.  
My massive head of broccoli! ha ha

Speaking of my disappearance for the last month. We also started another seed. My husband and I are excitedly awaiting the arrival of our newest sprout. Due on August 13th. So between the feeling of constant exhaustion with a side of migraine and the other MANY updates on the farm we have truly had our hands full. I am going to work hard to get posts out about everything as regularly as possible. 

So if you haven't get your seeds started!

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