Monday, November 23, 2015

Meet and Greet Part Deux

Now for the rest of the Homestead. 

The new laying flock. They are about 7 weeks old in this picture. That was about 2 weeks ago. There are 7 Black Australorp Pullets(hens). The Black Australorps will be excellent layers of large brown eggs. Also there are 7 Easter Egger Pullets. They are reported by the hatchery to be very good layers of blue or greenish eggs. Then there is the rooster who is also an Easter Egger. 

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Meet and Greet

So... I've been thinking about it and you haven't actually met the members of our Homestead. I will commence work remedying that situation now. :)

The Usual Suspects:
Left to Right: Zoey (Yorkshire Terrier and Official Boss of the world/Cat Herder), Bug(Blue Heeler/Border Collie and The Keeper of Animals and Grounds at Hogwarts the Homestead. Ahem... and last but certainly not least, Rats(Chorkie and Keeper of the dirty socks.) I am aware that Rats is a blindingly clever and original name. I assure it's nothing but love for this Rat Fink TM.

Monday, November 9, 2015

The Farm Must Go On.

Well you will have read all about the losses of our layer flock by now. I've read those posts a hundred times before they were published. Until you're farmer, you can't begin to understand how it irks me (maybe me a little more than others in a psychotic OCD sort of way) when I fail. When you fail on a farm that means loss of real food for your family or worse loss of a life(or 10). When your making an effort to do this for real and it crosses the threshold from hobby to this manure just got real, things get serious serious quick. 

Sunday, November 1, 2015

2 out of 12. Not too good.

Well honestly things haven't worked so well with our poor backyard chickens. We were pillaged by a red fox.  Ol' Red got 2 out of 4 of our remaining chickens. My two favorite chickens. Miss Henrietta Featherbottom and Miss Minerva Louise McGonagall. They started laying much earlier than the others and their eggs were big and brown with nice dark orange yolks. Oh and they would come when called and ate out of my hand. So of course the fox went for those.

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Red Tomato Jam or Swanky Ketchup...

Ya know, whenever I get a hundred pounds of tomatoes to can, I often wonder if I should seek immediate medical attention. I have to be nuts to do it. It's a mess. It takes forever. Blah blah blah. When I'm done with them though, I am always glad I did. So I call for another 50 or so pounds haha. The produce lady has my number though and suckers me into another fifty pounds everytime. She knows I'm cheap. Frugal. Whatever. She knows that I hate spending money. Passionately. I sweat in check out lines. If I'm in a checkout line this immediately implies two of my most disliked things. Close quarters with people and letting go of the green stuff. So she knows when she says I can have 50 pounds of tomatoes for $10 bucks I can't say no.

Friday, August 28, 2015

When Life Gives You Lemons

When life gives you lemons, maybe one of your chickies will lay her first egg.
~Ancient Proverb~ 
Ahem. Me.

Dust bath anyone?

Sunday, August 16, 2015


We are finally moved. Thank God.

This transition has been a pretty rough period for our little homestead. 7 out of our original 12 chickens have been killed. By our landlord's dog. So that's awesome. Otherwise, we are finally here. So we can finally begin to clean up our new farm and get to work. I am just a little frazzled from the move. It wasn't far we just have so much stuff and the place wasn't move in ready at all. But we are here and finally ready to begin!

Friday, July 24, 2015

Just Checking In

Yes we are still alive and this blog thing is still happening. It's just happening a little slower and less frequently than initially intended. However, I think we are finally at the climax of our hectic situation. So it has to get better right? Here's the thing we will be moving a homestead for the second time on short notice in 60 days. It's a mess I feel like we have livestock strewn over half the county and what's with us is ummm a little cramped. I like to think of it as efficiently positioned. Haha whatever it takes right? So basically we are in a limbo state waiting for our new place to be ready. We already have horses and some stuff there but we have everything else crammed into a very small space with us.

Monday, June 1, 2015

Delicious Garlic Dill Pickle Chips

 Well Folks, now that we have what we need for water bath canning, I think we are ready to try a simple recipe. This recipe is a small batch, fresh pack Garlic Dill Pickle Recipe. I am excited to try these pickles out as they seem to be a pretty simple and low ingredient way to fill the pickle quota for our larder.  Now I understand that the appeal associated with a myriad of subtly married spices caressing the palate like a thousand silk butterfly wings; however my little family thoroughly enjoys simple yet well rounded flavor profiles and it doesn’t hurt that it’s a whole big bunch easier on the wallet.  Anywho! Onward with our Garlic Dill Pickle Chips!

Saturday, May 16, 2015

To Can or Not to Can? You May Have Few Questions.

When I was younger I remember canning summer harvests with my grandmother.  I remember tons of tomatoes, pecks of peaches, spicy salsa, gallons of green beans... You get it. A lot of produce went into beautiful Mason Jars and then we got to chow down on it all year long.

Returning from the trip down memory lane. I don't really remember recipes or cautionary tales of Clostridium Botulinum more lovingly known as BOTULISM! Oh yeah! The big B! But seriously botulism is terrible and has horrendous side effects and isn't a hard thing to can if you don't follow tested recipes, instructions, and safety guides to the letter. So enter "The National Center for Home Food Preservation!!! This nifty site allows you to look up the stringent safety guidelines for canning at a very basic level. I purchased my first canning book "The Ball Blue Book Guide to Home Food Preserving" I feel like it's a solid foundational canning book with many tested and confirmed recipes.

Friday, May 15, 2015

Hi ya'll

Welcome to our Unexpected Homestead!!!  This is going to be a blog/record of our triumphs and failures as brand new homesteaders. I grew up riding horses, hunting, covered in dirt, and working on our farm in Tennessee. We raised our own beef, pork, chickens, and a huge garden; however it's been a while. It's the kind of life some people were born to live and even though it's been quite some time since I've lived this way it never left my system.My husband was raised in Tampa, Florida and has always wanted to farm and be self sufficient and now that we have found each other we are taking the initiative together. Come join us on our Unexpected Homestead Adventure!