Friday, January 22, 2016

2015: A Year in Review

Well it's been a big year this year. We actually didn't have a ton of goals starting out other than:
  • Get a farm.
  • Commence farming.
So... Success!!!!! Obviously...

Really things weren't super specific. There were big ideas but I'm mostly a realist. Thusly we managed to get the farm. A most excellent fifteen acres that's fenced and cross fenced. Plenty of room for a huge garden and animals. The house on it has more room than we need. Meaning plenty of room to make food and even more in which to store it. We are truly fortunate to have this. We are also very thankful.

 We now have chickens. From two separate flocks because our initial flock was decimated by a red fox until we got the situation under control. We had 18 but unfortunately our Easter  Egger Rooster flipped at 9 weeks old and started attacking our hens. Savagely. After many attempts at separation and reintroduction(where hopefully he would be less confident); and putting him with an older hen(who he learned manners with) he still could not be with his flock without attacking. He had to be culled. So now we have a total of 17 Chickens. 16 hens(as far as I can tell) and a very large and cowardly rooster. But he's nice and really enjoys alerting his current girlfriend to treats. He's not even mean to her and she is the only hen he has right now. So I guess he will stay until further notice. We hope to introduce the
pair to the flock when the flock gets bigger.

Moo cows! Well calves actually. Madness! 3 bulls and 3 heifers. We are very excited about them. They have been mostly uneventful. I guess... Other than one is nuts and I was sure he broke his own neck when we were moving them to a bigger field yesterday for weaning. All of the rest were either lead or just followed us over and he freaked and started slamming into the old fence like a truly wild animal until he flipped over it. Don't worry his neck broke his fall... He's completely fine now and still just as much of a nutter. All of the rest of them come up for chin scratches and food, they are friendly, interested, and well socialized. So that's good. 

We managed to grow a lot of basil at the old house. Unfortunately since we knew we were moving we didn't do a garden. We did find a supplier for tomatoes and pickling cukes so we did some canning. In our upcoming goals post there will be a lot to do with the garden  this year. We are also growing about six stunted broccoli plants but that's about it. We are very excited about the upcoming garden. 

We have also started a farming/homesteading library and have worked really hard this year to become more educated about it. This will be major in implementing our upcoming goals. So we welcome 2016 and we welcome you to share it with us!

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